Notification Letter- 2021 Road Pavement Data Collection

Stantec Consulting Services are set to begin collecting road pavement condition data and photos on every City-owned streets later this month. No street closures, detours or traffic disruptions are expected as a result of the work. The process is expected to last 10 to 12 weeks; throughout the summer and a portion of the fall season. Data collection will begin in the south-east quadrant and rotate counter clockwise through the City. Once completed, the data will be loaded into the City’s road pavement management system to inform the development of the long-range pavement rehabilitation forecast and budget.

The Project Lead for Stantec Consulting Services has provided us with the attached project information sheet. It explains the equipment used and the type of information that will be collected.

City of Mississauga 2021 Pavement Condition Data Collection Project Information Sheet