Peel Regional Police Update: Launch of Centralized Bureau to Respond to Online Reporting

Peel Regional Police is changing the platform for online reporting to make it more accessible and user friendly for the public, and to better respond to our community’s needs.

A new centralized Online Community Response Bureau (OCRB) has been launched to respond to incident reports submitted online by members of the public.

This dedicated bureau aims to improve response times and streamline our online reporting process. In addition to launching the Bureau, we have upgraded our software to enhance the quality of reports received, expanded the types of incidents that can be reported and centralized the reporting process.

As part of the expanded incident types, PRP will now accept and respond to hate crime reports submitted online. This addition is crucial in addressing the number of underreported incidents within our community, ensuring that all voices are heard, and all incidents are appropriately addressed.

Incidents that can be reported online include:

  • Theft under $10,000
  • Commercial Theft/Retail Theft/Theft of Gas under $10,000
  • Theft from Vehicle under $10,000
  • Damage/Mischief to Property under $10,000
  • Damage/Mischief to Vehicle under $10,000
  • Driving Complaint/Road Watch
  • Lost Property under $10,000
  • Hate Motivated Crime/Incident

Reports can be submitted online by visiting the ‘Report It’ section on or by clicking here.