Press Release – Lakeview Park School

By September 6, 2022Issues, Resources, Ward 1


Today, Councillor Stephen Dasko moved a motion at the Heritage Advisory Committee meeting to designate the Lakeview Park School as a historic building.

“This is a significant part of history for our community” said Councillor Dasko.  “For years, I have been advocating to preserve this iconic building and I am looking forward to working with all agencies and the community to ensure its future is used effectively to serve all residents of Ward 1”, says Dasko.

Historical Background:

  • Lakeview Park School is located at 1239 Lakeshore Road East.
  • Designed by architect Charles M. Hare, Lakeview Park School is a two-storey red brick structure built in 1923.
  • The School features architectural design features and is a landmark in the community that contribute to its heritage value.
  • The heritage attributes of the property are related to the original 1923 building, although there are later additions that were added in the middle of the twentieth century.
  • The school was built in a mixed architecture style of Georgian Revival blended with Edwardian and is in keeping with a rural-style schoolhouse promoted by the Province of Ontario in the early twentieth century. As such, the school serves as a reminder to the pre-urban history of
  • The school has remained and become a landmark in the Lakeview neighbourhood, and serves as an anchor for many residents who are former students of the school.