Tesla installs new charging stations in Mississauga putting the City on track to becoming an EV charging hub in Ontario

Mississauga will soon be the Tesla charging capital of Ontario. Last week, Telsa opened one of Canada’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the Applewood Village Plaza on 1077 North Service Rd in Mississauga. This is the largest fast-charging site in Ontario. Two additional Tesla EV charging sites are under construction, and two others are being developed.

Tesla charging stalls

The new charging site offers 32 supercharger stalls with 24 stalls facing North Service Rd. and 8 built along Insley Rd. The stalls are a flat rate of $0.53/kWh. This makes predicting and controlling charging costs easier, which is great news for those looking to save money.

Tesla charging stall

By taking action to support sustainable transportation, the City is helping boost economic growth, reduce carbon emissions and promote a healthier environment.

The convenience and availability of EV charging stations, like the ones at Applewood Village Plaza, will attract more electric vehicle owners, which will help increase foot traffic and potential customers for businesses in the area.

Private companies like Tesla are helping support the City’s commitment to fighting climate change by reducing GHG emissions while providing expanded service to residents.

Tesla car charging at a Tesla charging stall

As the City advances the goals of the Peel Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy, public/private partnerships are playing an increasingly important role. They are helping the City move forward in reducing emissions and achieving its climate change goals, which are outlined in the City’s Climate Change Action plan (CCAP). With each project and partnership, Mississauga gets one step closer to reaching its GHG emission reduction targets.

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