Transit Enforcement Officers Receive Rescuer Award from Canadian Red Cross

By March 11, 2021Events, Issues, Ward 1

March 11, 2021

MiWay is pleased to announce that Michal Dabrowski and Robin Taradan are the 2021 recipients of the Canadian Red Cross Rescuer Award – the first time City staff have received an award of this kind.

The Rescuer Award acknowledges the efforts of non-professional rescuers and off-duty first responders, who go out of their way to save a life, prevent further injury and/or provide comfort to the injured.

“We’re proud to see City staff recognized for the outstanding work that they do to keep our community safe,” said Paul Mitcham, City Manager and CAO, City of Mississauga. “This award is a great example of how our staff effectively manage emergency situations on the frontlines and the life-saving impact their service has. Thank you to the Canadian Red Cross for acknowledging their heroic efforts.”

Transit enforcement staff responded to a medical incident that involved an individual suffering a medical event inside of the City Centre Transit Terminal. When transit enforcement officers Michal and Robin arrived on site, they quickly assessed the need for CPR. An officer began compressions while the other retrieved the automated external defibrillator (AED). The individual was resuscitated after receiving two shocks from the AED. Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services arrived shortly after and acknowledged their life-saving efforts.

“Customer safety is a top priority at MiWay,” said Geoff Marinoff, Director, Transit, City of Mississauga. “We’re honoured that the Canadian Red Cross recognizes acts of everyday heroism demonstrated by hardworking individuals in our community and we are so proud that our transit enforcement officers are this year’s recipients. Michal and Robin did an incredible job working together to provide the fastest care possible and utilized their training in a high-stress situation to save a life.”

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