Virtual Canada Day Celebration

COVID-19 | May 20, 2020

Today, Mississauga City Council approved further actions in response to COVID-19 including, a Virtual Canada Day Celebration.

“Today we have started plans for a virtual Canada Day Celebration for the City of Mississauga, providing residents with an opportunity to celebrate our nations’ birthday during this difficult time,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “The virtual event will foster a sense of community and national pride for residents.”

Council approved a Virtual Canada Day Celebration for Mississauga using approved funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Celebrate Canada grant along with previously secured event sponsorships. The proposed Virtual Canada Day celebration would be developed around the theme of “with glowing hearts, we see thee rise” using a pre-recorded video. Details for the event will be finalized and communicated in the coming weeks.

Virtual Fireworks Only Reminder
On May 6, 2020, Council voted to prohibit the sale and use of fireworks until further notice to reduce the potential for large crowds and to continue to promote resident safety.

Three by-laws were amended to prohibit the use and sale of fireworks in Mississauga:

  • Fireworks Residents By-law– Regulating the use of fireworks by the public including restrictions on dates, times and permit requirements.
  • Fireworks Vendors By-law– Regulating the licensing for the ownership and operation of portable firework display units within the City.
  • Business Licensing By-law– Regulating the licensing and sale of fireworks from inside a building (not portable).

To stay informed on COVID-19 impacts on City services, please visit: