Walk and Roll this October! Let’s Work Together to Keep Everyone Safe on our Roads

By September 28, 2022Issues, Resources, Ward 1

September 28, 2022

October is Pedestrian Safety Month. During the fall, the risk of collisions increases when daylight hours shorten. In partnership with the Region of Peel, the City of Mississauga is raising awareness about pedestrian safety, reminding all road users of their responsibility on the road and encouraging students and their families to use active transportation safely on their way to school. October is also International Walk to School Month, which celebrates walking and other forms of active transportation as a healthy and fun way to get to school that benefit students, their communities and the environment.

“Our priority is to ensure all residents, no matter age or ability, can move safely, freely and comfortably around Mississauga. Road safety is a shared responsibility. Whether you’re walking, cycling or driving, remember to pay attention to your surroundings, obey the rules of the road, be cautious and alert,” said Geoff Wright, Commissioner, Transportation and Works. “Walking or riding your bike is a healthy and fun way to get to school, work or to run errands. Consider leaving your car at home and walking or riding your bike to school instead as it can contribute to safer streets and reduces traffic congestion.”

According to Region of Peel, more than 50 per cent of collisions between pedestrians and vehicles happen when drivers are making turns at intersections, and pedestrians are crossing with the right-of-way.

“We know roadways don’t stop at the municipal borders. Working together with our local partners is a priority, in order to share common messages and inform the community of safe behaviours. Pedestrian Safety Month is a good time to stop and reflect on your own travel behaviours. Making safer choices when driving, walking or cycling saves lives and protects our community as a whole,” said Kealy Dedman, Commissioner, Public Works at the Region of Peel. “By participating in Pedestrian Safety Month, you are also supporting the Region of Peel’s Vision Zero plan. This strategic plan focuses on working with municipal partners and you to reduce and eliminate all fatal and injury collisions for all road users.”

This year, as part of the Vision Zero Action Plan, the City:

As part of Walk to School Month in Mississauga, students and their families are encouraged to join the One Walk a Week challenge to walk or roll to or from school or their bus stop at least one day more per week than they do on an average week. Those who participate can go online and complete a digital certificate to share their accomplishment on social media using the hashtag #WalktoSchoolSauga.

Visit mississauga.ca/walk-to-school for more information about Walk to School Month in Mississauga, to download the certificate and learn more about pedestrian and cycling safety.

Learn more about driver, pedestrian and cyclist safety: