Annual Spring Clean Up Street Sweeping Program

Please be advised that our annual spring clean-up street sweeping program will begin next month.

Item Timeframe

(*weather permitting)

Curb faced sidewalks April 5, 2021. – April 30, 2021
Boulevards and traffic islands


April 5, 2021. – April 30, 2021
Splash pads April 5, 2021. – April 30, 2021
Streets (incl. bike lanes) April 22, 2021. – May 7, 2021


We know that road users become eager for the streets to be swept as soon as the weather starts warming up.  We try to schedule street sweeping as early in the spring as possible. The program requires mild temperatures to ensure that roads are clear of all snow, particularly in areas where it may have been piled. This timing also allows us to remove winter maintenance equipment from the Works yards when it is no longer needed to make space for street sweepings.


After our spring clean-up is complete, we will continue to maintain roadways through our regular street sweeping program.