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Film Permit: Precious Productions

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Please be advised that the above will be filming exterior traveling scenes for a TV series “VICAP” on Queensway W and E between Cawthra RD & Etobicoke Creek on February 1 between 7:00pm – 11:00pm weather permitting, with a rain date of February 2nd, 7pm – 11pm .

Production has also been permitted to allow maximum 3-minute traffic stoppages on The Queensway (Feb 1st) under the supervision of Peel Regional Police.


Small Arms Inspection Building Redevelopment Project Survey

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The Small Arms Inspection Building (SAIB) has been part of the Lakeview community since 1939. The City of Mississauga opened the south portion of the building in 2018 to serve as a community cultural hub. It offers 18,000 square feet of flexible, open concept space available for shared use during public hours and is available as a rental space. The south portion is ideal for events, exhibitions, workshops, performances, meetings, festivals, and more. Read More

Film Notice: Precious Productions Inc

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Please be advised that the above will be filming exterior traveling scenes for a TV series “VICAP”. A traveling grid permit has been issued for scenes involving a picture vehicle traveling on various City of Mississauga roadways (excluding Regional roadways) between January 29 – April 23, from 7:00am-11:00pm each day. Actual days of filming will be dependent on the progress of the production.


Laughton Heights Park Tennis Courts Update

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The City of Mississauga’s 2019/2020 reconstruction program had 16 courts which required redevelopment.  Due to the COVID19 Provincial Order under Ontario Regulation 82/20 construction was halted in March of 2020 until June 2020.  Given the late start in 2020, the City was unable to deal with the entire program despite the contractors efforts to reschedule completion of all sites.  As construction progressed through the year, the courts within the City were assessed for condition, safety and playability and seven courts in fair condition had to be delayed. Read More

Dog Grooming in the City of Mississauga

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Yesterday, I was happy to raise the issue of Pet Grooming in the City of Mississauga. Last week at Council, we unanimously asked the Province’s Solicitor General to make dog walkers and pet groomers essential services.
Until receiving word back, it was decided there will not be any enforcement in the City provided, it is done by curbside drop off and pickup.
Special Thank You to Tanya and the International Pet Groomers Association