City-Wide Major Transit Station Areas

By January 15, 2021Events, Issues, Resources

Mississauga continues to grow. The Province of Ontario is directing this growth to areas that can support it. These areas include Major Transit Station Areas (MTSAs) in Peel and Mississauga.

MTSAs are lands generally within a 500-800 metre radius (a 10 minute-walk) of a transit station or stop, primarily located along existing or planned transit corridors (e.g. GO Train, Light Rail Transit, Bus Rapid Transit). We need to plan for expanded communities built around transit to bring about places where people can live and easily travel to the places they work, play and learn.

The Region of Peel (Region) is leading a study(External link) in collaboration with local municipalities (Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon) to determine MTSA locations, boundaries and the minimum density (people + jobs) that can be accommodated within them. The MTSAs are one component of the overall Regional Official Plan Review 2041(External link) project. There are over 60 potential MTSAs within Mississauga and these areas will be critical to how and where our city grows in the future.

Our current Official Plan includes some general policies for MTSAs but new policies are needed to guide their growth within the overall city urban structure. Once the Region approves their overall MTSA policies, we can move forward with local Official Plan Amendments to implement MTSA planning work. We will ensure that we have policies to comply with the Region’s requirements. We will work within the division of responsibilities between the Province, the Region and the City.

In parallel, the City is undertaking a number of studies to support the Region’s MTSA work. Various City-initiated studies focus on specific MTSAs, such as Clarkson TSA, or groups of MTSAs along transit corridors such as Dundas Connects. These studies will eventually implement the policies currently being developed by the Region. They will update or refine existing Mississauga Official Plan policies to guide future growth that is supportive of various transit investments across the City and beyond. Each of these studies have their own approval and public engagement processes – you can find more details on these studies in the links below:

Additional City initiated studies for other MTSAs are expected in the future.

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