CONSTRUCTION NOTICE: Upcoming construction – Watermain inspection, East Avenue/Lakeshore Road to Britannia/Tomken Road

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Upcoming construction work starting in your area Watermain inspection, assessment, and rehabilitation
East Avenue/Lakeshore Road to Britannia/Tomken Road

Peel Region owns and operates important infrastructure, called “feedermains” which are responsible for carrying water throughout Peel and are considered the backbone of the water system. Proper management of this critical infrastructure is essential to the reliable delivery of water services to residents and businesses.

The existing, older Hanlan Feedermain is one of the largest feedermains in the water system and is comprised of 2100-millimetre and 1800-millimetre concrete cylinder pipes. It spans approximately 13.5 kilometres, from a water treatment plants at East Avenue and Lakeshore Road to a pumping station and reservoir facility at Britannia Road and Tomken Road. Given the feedermains age, between 29 and 45 years, and its significance in the water distribution system, Peel has prioritized it for detailed inspection, assessment and rehabilitation.

The construction activities for this project may include removing water and inspecting the watermain as well as upgrading valve chambers, installing new chambers and bringing the watermain back in service once the work is complete. Based on the findings of the internal inspection, some sections of the feedermain may need to be rehabilitated, which would be done by open cut construction resulting in local area lane interruptions.

Due to the significant project scope, it will take three years to complete – from Spring 2024 to Spring 2027.

More detailed notices will be issued prior to the start of construction.
Should you have any questions, please contact us. Avalon Myers Project Ambassador Public Works, Region of Peel Email: Phone: 416-457-3889