Dixie and QEW Interchange Project Update

Please see below for the project update:

Contract 1:

Contract 1 of the QEW/Dixie Project (from east of Dixie Road to the East Mall) is currently under construction and is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2021.

Contract 2:

  • The Detail Design for Contract 2 is underway and will continue throughout 2021.
  • Contract 2 includes the works along QEW from east of Cawthra Road to west of Etobicoke Creek.
  • Once the detail design is complete, the Design and Construction Report (DCR) will be made available for 30-day public review. Notification regarding the time and location of the availability of the DCR for review will be published in local newspapers, posted on the project website and mailed to those on the project contact list.
  • At this time, we anticipate the Contract 2 construction will begin in 2022; however, advanced works such as utility relocations within the project limits is underway and this work will be phased into the larger construction project once it gets underway.
  • The timing is subject to confirmation of funding, completion of the detail design, and receiving all required environmental permits and approvals.

Public consultation will include informational updates to the project website and a Public Information Centre (PIC).  Stakeholders will be notified once a date and virtual hosting platform have been determined for the PIC.  All current information regarding Contract 2 is available on the Consultation page of the project website under the Public Information Centre section: http://www.qewdixiedetaildesign.ca/consultation/.

If you require further information regarding this project, please feel free to email the Project Team at ProjectTeam@QEWDixieDetailDesign.ca or visit the project website at www.qewdixiedetaildesign.ca.