Environmental Assessment Study NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT – SCHEDULE B

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The Study:
The Region of Peel has initiated a Schedule B Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) study to review existing sanitary sewer infrastructure and evaluate options to divert flow from the Beach Street
Sewage Pumping Station (SPS) to the new Beechwood SPS. The map shows the area that may be directly
impacted by the proposed construction.

The Study Process will include:
· Public and stakeholder consultations;
· An evaluation of alternative solutions to divert flow to the new pumping station;
· An assessment of proposed alternatives; and,
· Identification of measures to avoid or lessen adverse impacts to the community.

How to Get Involved
Project updates and notices will be posted to www.peelregion.ca/public-works/environmental-assessments.

Under the requirements for a Schedule B MCEA study, one Public Open House (POH) will be held to
provide an opportunity to review and comment on the alternatives considered, the preferred alternative,
potential impacts and proposed mitigation. Notification of the POH will be advertised in advance. If you wish to be added to the study contact list, please reach out to the contacts listed below.

Public consultation is vital to the success of this study. We encourage anyone interested to participate and provide input throughout the study duration.

To provide comments or request additional information about this project, please contact:
Kelsey Hinsperger, PMP
Project Manager, EA Lead
WSP Canada


Troy Leyburne, BSc. (Env.)
Project Manager, Wastewater
Engineering Services, Public Works
905-791-7800 ext. 4781