Laughton Heights Park Tennis Courts Update

By January 28, 2021Events, Issues, Resources, Ward 1

The City of Mississauga’s 2019/2020 reconstruction program had 16 courts which required redevelopment.  Due to the COVID19 Provincial Order under Ontario Regulation 82/20 construction was halted in March of 2020 until June 2020.  Given the late start in 2020, the City was unable to deal with the entire program despite the contractors efforts to reschedule completion of all sites.  As construction progressed through the year, the courts within the City were assessed for condition, safety and playability and seven courts in fair condition had to be delayed.

Laughton Heights is rescheduled for this year following completion of the season play to avoid any disruption to residents accessing this facility during these times.  The pickleball lines will also be added to these courts for public play.  Although delayed, the courts will provide good performance and will be monitored throughout the year.