MTO Advises Significant Delay for Construction of Ogden Pedestrian Bridge

By August 31, 2023November 28th, 2023Announcement, Issues, Resources, Ward 1

Received August 31, 2023 from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Update on opening date received November 23, 2023.

The Ogden Pedestrian Bridge was initially scheduled for completion by the end of August 2023/start of the fall school year. Due to numerous underground and aboveground utility conflicts, the opening of the pedestrian bridge is delayed, with an opening date in late summer 2024 now projected.

At this time, the contractor has progressed with the subsurface concrete and pier column works, and expects to have the entire substructure complete within three weeks. The steel truss sections are currently in fabrication and are projected to be installed in early October 2023.  The concrete deck on the truss and associated concrete approach ramps will follow thereafter.

The school boards were advised on June 21st, 2023 with respect to a delay in the re-opening of the Ogden Bridge to late November 2023 (from late August 2023) and were advised earlier this week of the new projected opening date. A bussing service, provided by the school boards for the affected students, similar to what was implemented from March 20th to June 30th this year, was to be reimplemented starting in September and will now extended from the previously noted November completion date to the newly revised late summer 2024 completion date and this bussing service will be updated/revised as construction of the Ogden Pedestrian Bridge progresses.”

Contact information for this Ontario Ministry of Transportation project:

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