New funding for Peel Community Paramedics a major step in the right direction for comprehensive senior care

March 4, 2021

Recent funding of $9.75 million dollars, provided to the Region of Peel Paramedic Services from the Ministry of Long-Term Care, is the next step towards realizing a vision of coordinated, accessible care for seniors in the Peel community. 

Leveraging this new funding opportunity, Paramedic Services, in partnership with the Region of Peel Seniors Services Development and local health system partners, will build an enhanced ‘made in Peel’ Community Paramedicine program that meets community need and is seamlessly integrated with other coordinated care efforts.

The program will see Peel Regional Paramedics and Ontario Health Teams work collaboratively with local health system partners to deliver comprehensive wraparound care. Peel Regional Paramedics will be able to expand existing programming, providing much needed services to even more seniors in our community waiting for residence in long-term care, or who require ongoing health care and may receive it in the comfort of their current homes.

“Our paramedics have always been advocates and leaders in community paramedicine. It is a service long identified as a way we can bring vital healthcare to seniors in our communities, supporting them to stay safe and healthy at home,” said Peter Dundas, Chief and Director of Peel Paramedic Services.

“The announcement of this funding marks a milestone for our service and will help forever change the way we contribute to the healthcare needs of seniors who are not only transitioning into long term care, but who are eligible for it and can remain comfortable at home if receiving the right medical supports,” added Dundas.

How Community Paramedicine Helps:

  • Provides medical supports and connections for high-risk senior populations
  • Reduces the number of costly and avoidable 911 calls
  • Provides consistent and timely in-home visits and care to those waiting for a place in long-term care

“The opportunity to expand medical services to seniors at home will support a vision of more personalized care for one of our most vulnerable and important populations. It will facilitate seniors to age successfully at home and will help us realize a made in Peel solution for our residents,” said Dr. Sudip Saha, Senior Medical Director for Long Term Care and Senior Services for the Region of Peel. “This funding will help ensure our paramedics can enhance their contribution to wraparound care for seniors, delaying or eliminating the need for long term care home placement,” he adds.

The Ministry funding will become available this month and will extend through 2024, being used to help support elements of the program including staffing, training, medical supplies and vehicle costs to facilitate the extension of the program and much more.