Notice of Construction – Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) Improvements from East of Cawthra Road to West of Etobicoke Creek

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is undertaking improvements of the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) from east of Cawthra Road to West of Etobicoke Creek. The project limits are in the City of Mississauga and Region of Peel. MTO has awarded the construction contract to AIMCO. Construction is expected to start in May 2022 and continue for five construction years and be completed in July 2026.

Key Components of the construction contract include:
• Replacement of the Dixie Road underpass Bridge & Reconfiguration of the QEW/Dixie Road Interchange.
• Replacement of City of Mississauga’s Ogden Avenue Pedestrian Bridge.
• Replacement and twinning of Applewood Creek Culvert.
• Localized QEW widening to accommodate operational and safety improvements.
• Construction of new extension of Brentano Blvd to match existing grade on Dixie.
• Drainage improvements including new storm sewer systems, culverts and two new stormwater management ponds and one micro-pond. Watermain and Sanitary Sewer works.
• Installation of new retaining walls and noise barriers.
• Installation and upgrades to lighting.
• Replacement of Overhead Sign Structures (OHSS).
• Landscaping.
• QEW pavement rehabilitation from east of Cawthra Road to Etobicoke Creek.

The QEW Westbound and Eastbound lanes from Cawthra Road to Etobicoke Creek and Municipal roads will be affected with temporary lane closures during construction.
Residents adjacent to the construction project are advised that higher than normal noise levels resulting from construction are anticipated during the scheduled works. Some works will be completed at night and on weekends. Noise mitigation measures pertaining to equipment maintenance and operation will be implemented as part of the contract. Questions regarding construction may be directed to Mr. Masud Alam, P.Eng., Contract Administrator, GHD Limited, at