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Borehole investigations will wrap up in February. These tests provided information on the soil, rock, and ground water conditions to inform and advance the design process.

  • Port Credit GO Station and Mary Fix Creek

Crews have begun to stage laydown (equipment storage) areas at Port Credit GO Station in both the north and south parking lots. Mobilization for these laydown areas includes:

  • The installation of fencing to cordon off these areas from the rest of the parking lot
  • The setup of portable washroom facilities and site trailers

In the North parking lot, laydown areas will be used to support the diversion of Mary Fix Creek to mitigate potential flooding and to minimize the impact of construction of an improved flood wall on the creek ecosystem.

In the South parking lot, the laydown areas will be used to support the removal of some catch basins and light standards/posts, prior to the installation of temporary shoring. Temporary shoring will be used to support excavation and construction of a push box that will form the outline of the future Port Credit LRT Station.

We recognize that this work is taking place in a residential area where other construction projects are also underway. For any questions or concerns, Metrolinx Community Relations staff is available for support at 416-202-7500.

Impacts to GO customers and nearby residents will include:

  • The loss of some GO Transit parking spaces
  • There may also be temporary sidewalk closures during the installation of shoring on the west side of Hurontario Street


  • Traction Power Substations (TPSS)

Soil resistivity testing will also occur at select locations of future Traction Power Substations (TPSS) later this month. This is done to gather information on how much the soil resists or conducts electric current and will contribute to the design of the electrical grounding systems for the TPSS that will help power the LRVs.

  • Temporary Traffic Signals:

To allow for continued traffic flow during construction, temporary traffic signals will be installed at the following four intersections in Mississauga South:

    • Park Street
    • Inglewood Drive,
    • Mineola Road
    • Pinetree Way.

While crews will use the boulevard to avoid lane closures, there may be temporary right lane closures for up to four hours to accommodate the work.

  • Tree Protection, Trimming, and Removal

Necessary tree protections and removals (only where protection cannot be guaranteed) are set to begin in March.

  • Trees that must be removed will be replaced according to City of Mississauga bylaws in consultation with the appropriate conservation authorities.
  • In areas where this may impact some trees on private properties, we will work with the property owner to communicate the impacts and seek their permission prior to trimming and/or removals.


Safety is our number one priority and a shared responsibility. Please note and follow construction signage as you walk, cycle or drive along Hurontario Street. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Metrolinx Community Relations team at 416-202-7500 or email

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