Sewer Pipe Work on Wharton Glen Ave on January 18th

By January 14, 2021Events, Issues, Resources

The Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) relining process involves the use of a plastic resin impregnated fibre within an existing pipe to create a new pipe.  The process allows for the repair of sewer pipes without extensive excavation that can be disruptive to local communities and businesses. As part of the lining process, the effected sanitary sewer service will be out of service (plugged) for approximately (7) hours. This temporary interruption allows for the pipe to be repaired without digging up the street. We ask residents:  

  • Not use showers, bathtubs, dishwashers, or your washing machine
  • Keep toilet flushing to a bare minimum
  • Continue to wash your hands but minimize your water use.

These actions will reduce the possibility of sewage backing up into your basement or into your plumbing. If you have a sump pump, please call the contractor’s supervisor.

You may smell some odour due to synthetic resin used to cure the sewer lining material. These odours are temporary and will dissipate in a short time.  You can prevent and/or minimize them by ensuring that you have water in your plumbing P-traps (the curved pipe under your sinks) and floor drains. Pour a bucket of water down the floor drain and run the water in all sinks the night before or day of the work.


At present this is the actual proposed lining schedule:

Installation Date – January 18, 2021 Night Shift

Location – Wharton Glen Ave


Residents will be informed 24 hours before hand from the Region of Peel regarding this work.