Temporary Road Closure – Haig Boulevard and Revus Avenue

Alectra Utility is currently working with Metrolinx on the Regional Express Rail (RER)/GO Electrification program. This program impacts the Lakeshore West and Kitchener GO lines through Mississauga, where if there is an existing overhead poleline/conductor crossing, it must be converted to an underground cable crossing, to make room for the overhead Catenary system that Metrolinx is installing to supply future electric trains.

Alectra is requesting a closure of Haig Boulevard and Revus Avenue at the train tracks in order to complete the work mentioned above.

Both locations are a level crossing for the rail, and this leaves us with some safety concerns, specifically for crossing the rail in the evening/night when crews are not there. Because the pit would block traffic in the Western/Southbound traffic lane, that would leave only the Northbound traffic lane for crossing the tracks. We could set up a temporary traffic light to direct traffic in these off-hours, but this would mean that in off hours there would only be a crossing arm that would come down on one side of the rail when a train approaches.

The work has been scheduled to commence June 1 and will last for 8 weeks.