Update on Proposed Dixie Plan Project

I would like to clarify the status of this proposed development.

I was approached by the two owners of Dixie Mall, Slate Group and Choice REIT as they indicated they had recently purchased the property and were looking into the future with regards to redevelopment.

At the time I indicated to them that they would be best served to have an introduction and collaborative approach with the community.  They initiated this by hosting an introduction and a visioning session at Dixie Mall just over a year ago and since then, a survey website has been hosted by them to take in community comments and thoughts.

I asked that they reach out to the Ward’s Ratepayer Presidents as they wanted to initiate a series of dialogues, introduce themselves, and show what they wanted to submit to the City.  Each Ratepayer President agreed to be contacted by the Slate/Choice Group, and they set up virtual calls with each association which I attend as a guest.

Typically public meetings, for the community to provide input, usually occur once the application has been submitted.  At this point, there has been NO application received by the City.

Once an application is received, it will be reviewed by a number of City Departments; public meetings will take place where the entire community will have the opportunity to be engaged.

I have been recording all comments the community has provided my office and also the messages from the Ratepayer engagement virtual calls.  I will ensure that all of these comments will be delivered to the Planning Department at the City.

I expect complete transparency on this and all developments in the Ward.

Thank you,