What is a Major Transit Station Area in Mississauga? Join our Information Session

By April 9, 2022April 27th, 2022Events, Issues, Planning & Development, Ward 1

Major Transit Station Areas (MTSA) are mixed-use, transit-supportive neighbourhoods that provide easy access to local amenities, jobs, housing and recreation opportunities. MTSAs generally include lands within a 10-minute walk (500-800 metres) of a rapid transit station or stop. They are located primarily along existing or planned transit corridors (e.g. GO Train, Light Rail Transit, Bus Rapid Transit).

Why MTSAs are important

As Mississauga continues to grow, the Province of Ontario is directing this growth to areas that can support it. This includes MTSAs in Mississauga.

The City has been developing its own detailed MTSA policies to align with the Provincial and Regional requirements. These policies will address MTSA specific height requirements, land uses, minimum densities and other policies.

Learn more about how this affects Mississauga

The City is hosting an online information session on April 26, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. to present the proposed city-wide MTSA policies and how they will work with other related City projects.

Learn more and register for the meeting at https://mississauga.webex.com/mississauga/j.php?RGID=rb960a7a74a732f11b31bea3d1f44690b