Hazel McCallion Line – Construction Liaison Committee Update


The 2024 construction year is in full swing as crews remain busy along the project corridor in Mississauga South. Most of this work involves completing utility relocation and upgrades on both sides of Hurontario Street. Once the utility works wrap up in the coming months, road widening activities on both sides of Hurontario Street will begin, making room for guideway construction and track installation in the center of the roadway. Residents and businesses can expect to see:

  •  changes to the existing boulevard, driveways, sidewalks; and
  • improvements to the multi-use pathway on the east side of the street.

Here’s a snippet of ongoing and upcoming construction activities you can expect for February and March:

  • The new station at Port Credit is starting to take shape. At the platform level, work continues with forming and pouring the walls and at the street level, mechanical and electrical installation is nearing completion.
  • Alectra duct bank works continue along the boulevard on the west side of Hurontario Street between Mineola Road West and Indian Valley Trail. These works are completed in conjunction with the installation of new hydro poles and the stringing of aerial cables along the east side of Hurontario Street between Mineola and Pinewood Trail. Once complete, the plan is to remove the old hydro poles along the west side of the road and convert the electrical service to those properties from aerial to underground. In doing so, we are working with individual property owners and businesses to access their property and construct the duct banks up to their electrical metre bases. To do this work safely and efficiently, there will be temporary power outages and driveway impacts to prepare for these upgrades to the delivery of service.
  • Construction of a new Bell manhole northwest at Pinetree Way is ongoing and will continue until March 2024.
  • Connections for Rogers telecoms between Park Street and Eaglewood Boulevard are ongoing and expected to be complete by mid to late February.
  • While most of the water, storm, and sanitary infrastructure has already been upgraded and relocated in this area, there are a few minor areas remaining to install storm and sanitary pending the decommissioning and demolition of Inglewood and the handover of Eaglewood as well as at the new station at Port Credit.

  • The new bridge structure is complete at Eaglewood Boulevard and a small section of guideway and track has been constructed and installed at the future intersection. We are working with the City of Mississauga on the installation of temporary traffic signals before decommissioning the existing intersection at Inglewood Drive. Once complete, the new intersection will be handed over to the City of Mississauga which is expected in March.
  • Once Eaglewood structure is commissioned and Inglewood structure is decommissioned, a small section of flood walls and creek bed will be completed north of the new Eaglewood intersection.
  • Installation of an acoustic fence is expected to take place in February along the east side of Hurontario Street north of the plaza at Eaglewood to just south of Mineola Road East. The fence is expected to be completed by early March.