virtual open house for the GO Expansion program

Starting at 7 pm on Friday November 27, there will be no GO Train service between Long Branch GO and Union Station. Instead, GO Buses will be running between Port Credit GO Station and the Union Station Bus Terminal.

These changes will also affect departure times, and GO Transit recommends customers check their schedule ahead of time. Regular Lakeshore West GO Train service will resume in time for Monday morning.

Learn more on Metrolinx News here.

We would like to inform and invite you to the upcoming virtual open house for the GO Expansion program from November 27 to December 11, 2020. This round of meetings will also have updated information on the GO Rail Electrification Addendum (an addendum to the 2017 GO Rail Electrification EPR), the Network-Wide Structures Project (an addendum to the 2017 Barrie Rail Corridor EPR), Union Station Trainshed Improvements and operational noise and vibration and air quality studies.

Visit the consultation website to learn more about GO Expansion, ask questions, and provide your feedback at

GO Expansion