Pedestrian Bridge Proposal

The City of Mississauga is currently reviewing proposals and plan to award to a successful engineering consultant in early March.

  • Tentative Schedule (tentative and will be refined/adjusted as the EA study moves forward)
    • Environmental Assessment (EA) – March 2021-March 2022
      • Consultation milestones will be established in the EA study once a consultant is onboard in March
    • Detailed Design – 2022
    • Property Acquisition and Utility Relocations – 2022/2023
    • Construction – 2023/2024
  • The consulting assignment for the EA for the Active Transportation (AT) Bridge over the Credit River north of Lakeshore has been packaged with the larger Lakeshore Road Rapid Transit TPAP/EA project for efficiency and to maintain a one-window approach with the public and other stakeholders.
  • The EA for the AT bridge will follow the work completed in the Lakeshore Connecting Communities Transportation Master Plan (TMP), which reviewed multi-modal and non-vehicular crossings of the Credit River. The high level assessment of non-vehicular (AT) crossings resulted in the identification of a new crossing at Queen Street as the most preferred since the option is most suited to meet the transportation objectives (see options reviewed below in the TMP).  The EA will include a thorough review of and build upon the preferred solution to identify improvements.  This analysis will focus on defining the exact constraints to the extent they will affect multi modal travel, constructability, property requirements, and community impacts and benefits.   Comparing the different options will be according to the criteria developed in Lakeshore Road TMP and in consultation with the project team and stakeholders.  The result of this work will need to ensure proper consideration of environmental and engineering studies and the preliminary design.