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City invests $4.7 million to support community, culture and live music in Mississauga

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Today, February 14th, 2024, Mississauga City Council approved $4.7 million in grant funding to support various community and cultural groups, including live music presenters in Mississauga.

As a nod to the City’s 50th anniversary, this year’s theme is Celebrate 50. This theme is designed to help arts and culture groups celebrate Mississauga’s rich and diverse communities through their unique cultural practices. It encourages projects that share underrepresented stories and histories related to Mississauga, including those that emphasize Indigenous worldviews, creative and artistic methods and presentation practices.

2024 also marks the second year of the Live Music Grant pilot program, which supports for-profit concert presenters as a part of the City’s Music Strategy.

Community Grant Program

The Community Grant program assists Mississauga-based, not-for-profit community groups by providing multi-year, annual operating and project grants to improve the quality of life for residents. The grant program aligns with the strategic priorities of the Culture, Recreation, Parks and Forestry and Environment divisions.

Approved grants:

*Indicates multi-year funding

  • Active Adult Centre Mississauga: $9,990
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel Inc.: $10,000
  • Blooming Boulevards: $10,000
  • Citizens for the Advancement of Community Development: $10,000
  • Cruisers Sports for the Physically Disabled: $10,000
  • Ecosource: $109,863*
  • Erin Mills Youth Centre: $58,000*
  • Global 180 Student Communications Inc.: $9,950
  • Joshua Creek Church/Heart Comonos: $6,500
  • Malton Black Development Association: $10,000
  • MIAG Centre for Diverse Women & Families: $10,000
  • Mississauga Girls Softball Association, Inc.: $7,500
  • Mississauga Seniors Club Inc.: $6,000
  • Mississauga Sports Council: $120,500*
  • Mississauga Youth Action Committee: $2,990
  • Ontario Schools Cricket Association: $10,000
  • Our Place Peel: $10,000
  • Pak Pioneers Community Organization of Canada: $9,950
  • Port Credit Lawn Bowling Club: $10,000
  • Safe City Mississauga: $224,127*
  • Senior Tamils Society of Peel: $10,000
  • Lady Ballers Camp: $6,000
  • The Dam: $80,000*
  • The Erin Mills Farmers Market: $10,000
  • The Riverwood Conservancy: $369,859*
  • Volunteer MBC: $40,000*

Arts and Culture Grant Program

Grant funding for this program supports emerging and established, not-for-profit, professional and community-based arts, culture, and heritage organizations in Mississauga. The grant supports the development of exemplary arts and culture programs and services that improve participation, knowledge, understanding and an appreciation of arts, culture and heritage for residents of Mississauga.

Approved grants:

*Indicates multi-year funding

  • Art Gallery of Mississauga: $350,000*
  • Arts on the Credit Mississauga: $15,000
  • Canadian Arabic Orchestra: $100,000
  • Chamber Music Society Mississauga: $100,000
  • Crane Creations Theatre Company: $100,000
  • CreativeHub 1352: $75,000
  • Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters: $19,999
  • Fashion Circuit Series: $17,000
  • Frog in Hand: $100,000
  • Heritage Mississauga: $297,000*
  • Hispanic Canadian Arts and Culture Association: $19,500
  • Meadowvale Music Theatre: $10,000
  • Mississauga Arts Council: $360,000*
  • Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble: $2,975
  • Mississauga Children’s Choir: $39,000
  • Mississauga Chinese Arts Organization: $22,500
  • Mississauga Choral Society: $62,000
  • Mississauga Festival Choir: $36,000
  • Mississauga Festival Youth Choir: $18,250
  • Mississauga Music: $19,999
  • Mississauga Potters Guild: $19,500
  • Mississauga Theatre Alliance: $10,000
  • NeoVoce Philharmonic Choir: $5,000
  • Orchestras Mississauga: $200,000*
  • Sampradaya Dance Creations: $160,000*
  • Sawitri Theatre Group: $108,000
  • Streetsville Historical Society: $4,800
  • Theatre Unlimited: $19,999
  • Visual Arts Mississauga: $225,000*
  • Youth Troopers for Global Awareness: $35,000

Cultural Festivals and Celebrations Grants

The Cultural Festivals and Celebrations grant program provides funding to offset expenses associated with providing a clean and safe venue for the presentation of arts, heritage and cultural festivals and celebrations to residents and visitors. This grant supports a range of events that reflect the City’s many cultural traditions.

Approved grants:

*Indicates multi-year funding

  • Bollywood Monster Mashup: $120,000*
  • Carassauga Festival: $120,000*
  • International Film Festival of South Asia Toronto: $15,000
  • Mississauga Italfest: $45,000
  • Malton Celebrates Canada Day: $24,000
  • Mississauga Latin Festival: $19,500
  • Mississauga Polish Days: $19,999
  • Mosaic Festival: $105,000
  • Muslimfest: $50,000
  • Paint the Town Red: $105,000
  • Philippine Festival Mississauga: $19,999
  • Southside Shuffle Blues and Jazz Festival: $120,000*
  • Streetsville Bread and Honey Festival: $100,000
  • Streetsville Christmas in the Village: $15,000
  • Mississauga World Music Festival: $15,000
  • Portugalo Fest: $9,750

Culture Project Grants

The 2024 Culture Projects Grant program aims to support arts and culture initiatives highlighting the City’s 50th anniversary. With the focus this year on “Celebrate 50”, the theme helps arts and culture groups celebrate and recognize the origins, transformations and potential of the City’s rich and diverse communities through their unique cultural practices and encourages projects that share underrepresented stories and histories related to Mississauga.

Approved grants:

  • Blackwood Gallery: $5,000
  • Canadian Arabic Orchestra: $5,000
  • Frog in Hand: $5,000
  • Mississauga Music: $5,000
  • Kaleidoscope Chinese Performing Arts Society: $5,000
  • Crane Creations Theatre Company: $5,000
  • Arts on the Credit: $3,500
  • MonstrARTity Creative Community: $5,000
  • SAWITRI Theatre Group: $5,000
  • Streetsville BIA: $2,500
  • NeoVoce Philharmonic Choir: $5,000

Live Music Grant Pilot Program

The Live Music Grant Pilot Program is a two-year pilot intended to increase the number and frequency of live music events in Mississauga. 2024 marks the second year of the program. The grant will provide $45,000 per year for a maximum of $90,000 in total funding over the two years. This grant stream is the first City Culture Grant open to for-profit businesses with the potential to increase tourism and cultural growth.

Approved grants:

  • BluPrint/Bluprint Concert 2024: $2,500
  • Celestial Music Ras Penco & Friends in Concert: $2,000
  • Friends in Arts/Friends in Arts live concerts: $2,500
  • Aim Nation/History of our Music: $2,500
  • Majd Sekker Sextet band/From Upherate to the Credit: $1,000
  • Headway Music/2024 Open Mic Series at Cuchulainn’s: $2,500
  • The Academy The Hustle Mississauga Edition: $2,500
  • Let’s Make Good Productions/Arlene & The People EP Release: $2,500
  • Sounds from Damascus/Sounds from Damascus DNA: $2,500
  • 40oz Heroes/RIVER MOUTH II: $2,500
  • The Savoy Band/Two Nights of Dancing and Live Jazz Music: $2,500
  • Deep Ganguly/MYBANSURI MUSICAL EVENTS: $2,250
  • antiskeptic entertainment/illScarlett returns to Mississauga!: $2,500
  • Ebony Ivy Corp OOH LA LA Showcase: $750

For more information about the City’s grant programs, visit the webpage.

About the City’s 50th anniversary

In 2024, the City of Mississauga celebrates its 50th anniversary. This anniversary marks the City of Mississauga’s incorporation in 1974. A part of the Treaty and Traditional Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, The Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Huron-Wendat and Wyandot Nations, Mississauga is one of Canada’s largest and most diverse cities.

SCHEDULED WATER INTERRUPTION NOTICE – Friday, February 16th, from 8:30 am to 5:00pm – 1512 Kenmuir Ave

By Resources, Ward 1


Date and Time: Friday, February 16th, from 8:30 am to 5:00pm

Location: 1512 Kenmuir Ave

Addresses Affected: 1493-1551 Kenmuir Ave                         

Project #:  C-603244

Regional Inspector:  Phemelo Mpoloka

Telephone #   437-220-8917

                        905-791-7800 ext. 3246/3247

The Region of Peel Public Works department regularly maintains and repairs the water system to make sure you have a consistent supply of quality drinking water. Sometimes we must turn off your water supply while we do this work.

Your water will be turned off on Friday, February 16th, from approximately 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. If we need to reschedule this work due to weather or other circumstances, we will let you know the new date and time.

If this interruption may affect an alarm or maintenance company, it is your responsibility to notify them.  During the time that the water supply is interrupted, the building’s sprinkler protection system will not function.  A fire watch should be performed as necessary during time period.

After the water interruption:

When we turn the water back on, air in the pipes may make the water cloudy and your plumbing may vibrate or make noise.  We recommend removing the air by slowly turning on your taps from the lowest to the highest faucet in the building (that is, starting in the basement/first floor and finishing on the top floor). Flush the toilets as well. You will likely need to run the water for 10 to 30 seconds.  Run the water until it is clear, and any vibration or noise has stopped.

Important note:  After the water is turned back on, we recommend checking your water meter (usually located in the basement).  If it is leaking, call Water Meter Installations Dispatch at:

  • (905) 791 – 7800 Ext. 3226 (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. – Monday to Friday)
  • (905) 791 – 7800 Ext. 4409 (After hours or Statutory Holidays)

CONSTRUCTION WORK STARTING IN YOUR AREA Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Hole Replacement – Meredith Avenue and Fourth Street

By Resources, Ward 1

Peel Region will be working in your neighbourhood to replace a maintenance hole (commonly called a manhole). This work will ensure the sanitary sewer system can continue to be accessed and maintained from the maintenance holes.
Sanitary sewers are underground pipes that carry wastewater from your home to a wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater is created when water is flushed down the toilet, or goes down the drain in your sink, tub, or shower.

Location of work
This construction work will include replacing one maintenance hole in the intersection of Fourth Street and Meredith Avenue in Mississauga, as shown in the map below.

Construction schedule
This work is planned to begin March 4, 2024, and be completed by the end of April 2024.
These timelines are estimates, as weather and other unexpected events may impact our timelines.
All work is under warranty for two years from the completion date.

Sign up for email notices
Receive timely project updates right to your inbox by signing up for e-notices. Visit to start signing up.

Contractor and working hours
The work will be completed by Michels Canada and supported by Andrews.Engineer, both under contract to Peel Region. This contractor’s normal working hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday. These hours are consistent with the local municipality’s bylaws. We understand this may cause some inconvenience, but shorter working days would require your area to be under construction for a longer period of time.

At this stage in the project, a temporary road closure will be required to complete this work.
The intersection of Fourth Street and Meredith Avenue will be closed to all traffic. This temporary road closure is expected to occur from March 4, 2024 at 7 a.m. until March 29, 2024 at 7 p.m. These timelines are estimates, as weather and other unexpected delays may impact our timelines.

During this time, a detour route will be clearly marked with road signs. Please see the attached map for the detour route. The sidewalk will remain open throughout the duration of this work.
Emergency vehicles will be permitted to cross through the closure with guidance from the onsite contractor. The contractor will also offer guidance for school bus pick-up and drop-off.

We apologize for any delays or inconvenience resulting from these traffic impacts.

Driveway access and parking
• There will be no on-street parking within the construction zone until the work is finished. This includes the closed portions of Fourth Street and Meredith Avenue, as well as the areas immediately surrounding the closure.
• Residents who have driveways within the closed portion of Fourth Street or Meredith Avenue will have access to their driveways. No other through traffic will be allowed within the closure.
• For homes located outside the road closure but near the construction zone: It may be necessary to block your driveway for a short time when crews are working on the maintenance hole or repairing the resulting damage to the road. If so, we will knock on your door to notify you. Please contact us if you have special needs related to access.

Areas impacted by construction
To complete this work, we will need to dig a large hole around the existing maintenance hole, at least 5 metres by 5 metres in size. This work may cause temporary damage to roads, curbs, and boulevards within the municipal right-of-way. The right-of-way includes the street and the land owned by the municipality between the street and private property. Any damage caused by Regional construction will be repaired.

Repairing areas impacted by construction
We will start repairing any affected areas of the road, curb, and boulevard once we have replaced the maintenance holes. Repairs may be delayed due to contractor availability or certain seasonal weather conditions.
For example:
• Paving cannot take place when the ground is saturated with water, or the temperature is below 3°C.
• Most sod farms are located north of Peel. They usually have sod available beginning in late May. We will replace affected sod once it is available. We replace sod only until the middle of November, weather permitting, to let the sod grow roots. If we do not replace damaged grass by the middle of November, we’ll replace the sod the following spring.

Waste collection
If you receive waste collection from Peel Region, and our construction work is happening in front of your home during your waste collection day, it is the contractor’s responsibility to move your garbage, recycling, and organics bins from the end of your driveway to a location where waste collection vehicles can pick them up. Empty containers will be returned to their corresponding addresses. Please make sure your house number is clearly marked on each bin. This helps us return empty bins to the correct address.

You could feel slight vibrations from the construction work.

Safety during construction
Construction zones require extra caution to keep everyone safe – pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and construction workers. When driving, walking, or biking through the construction area, please be aware of your surroundings, watch for construction crews and other road users, slow down, account for delays, and consider other routes if possible. To learn more about how to stay safe in construction zones, visit

Staying informed
Information on this construction project can also be found at
Thank you for your patience as we complete this necessary work. This work will allow us to continue providing you with high quality wastewater services. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation
Engineering Services Division
Public Works, Peel Region
Phone: 905-791-7800 ext. 4409

Mississauga honoured for two projects that contribute to the city’s economy

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The City of Mississauga’s Economic Development Office (EDO) has been recognized for its contributions supporting the economy of the city. Last week, the Economic Developers Council of Ontario (EDCO) presented the City of Mississauga’s EDO with one prestigious award for innovative and impactful projects that support economic development and, by extension, the city’s economy. The two projects recognized are:

  • Equity and Diversity Collaborative (EDC) – Received the  Award of Excellence in the category of Inclusive Based Initiatives & Programming
    • In 2021, the City of Mississauga’s Economic Development Office (EDO), in collaboration with the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (Canada Region), established the Equity & Diversity Collaborative (EDC) – a consortium of healthcare and life sciences companies dedicated to driving gender equity and diversity. EDC’s mission is “To achieve gender parity (50 per cent) and significant representation (30 per cent) of other under-represented groups, including racialized persons, people living with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ2 community at all levels of organizations and on Canadian board(s).”
  • IDEA Square One – We were recognized as finalists in the category of Building Initiatives, Brick and Mortar projects
    • Launched in May 2023, IDEA Square One is a central entrepreneur hub that brings together a network of supports to help entrepreneurs grow, scale and commercialize their ideas and businesses. The hub reduces barriers to entrepreneurship and increases the access and visibility of Mississauga’s Innovation assets to all businesses and residents.

“This award and recognition indicates the City of Mississauga is making in economic development as leaders in the field,” said Acting Mayor Joe Horneck. “Our Economic Development team works hard to identify actions and opportunities that contribute to Mississauga’s business community and economy. They work to create an environment where businesses of all sizes can grow and succeed. I congratulate them on this prestigious recognition.”

“As an organization committed to advancing equity and inclusion, the HBA is proud that HBA Canada’s work as part of the Equity and Diversity Collaborative is being honored by EDCO. Beyond the significant impact of the EDC’s work, the visibility that comes from recognition of the award will help to raise greater awareness of the critical importance that inclusion and belonging play in the workplace and in the greater community,” said Mary Stutts, CEO, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association.

The EDCO Awards of Excellence

The EDCO Awards of Excellence is an annual program that aims to seek distinctive ideas and initiatives that can become future economic development best practices. Recipients of the EDCO Awards of Excellence are viewed as leaders in economic development and are often asked to present their efforts and accomplishments at speaking engagements, including the EDCO Conference and Showcase.

This recognition among our peers validates our work and its positive impact on our business community” said Christina Kakaflikas, Director, Economic Development. “With Council’s strong support and direction, the City of Mississauga’s Economic Development team is dedicated to providing programs and resources that help our businesses grow and prosper while also contributing to our strategic priorities.”

The team provides site location assistance, sector development support, research, industry analysis and marketing as well as offering guidance and support to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

About EDCO

The Economic Developers Council of Ontario supports the economic development profession through a variety of learning events and conferences. Each year they have an awards call-out to communities and organizations to submit new, innovative and impactful projects that support economic development.

To learn more about growth and development opportunities and why businesses continue to choose Mississauga, visit

For more information about supports for small business, visit

Staff winning an award
Left: Christina Kakaflikas, Director of Economic Development, and Right: Donna Heslin, Manager of Small Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Virtual or In-Person (Statutory) Open House Meeting for the Draft New Official Plan

By Events, Planning & Development

Join us for A Virtual or In-Person (Statutory) Open House Meeting

for the Draft New Official Plan

The City is preparing to finalize its new Official Plan to guide how Mississauga will grow and develop over the next 25 years. From housing and transportation to the environment and economy, the Official Plan includes important policies that help to shape our city.

As we work to finalize the plan, the City is hosting two community meetings for the public to learn more, ask questions and share comments.

To date, public input has played an important part in shaping the policies that make up the new Official Plan, including:

  • Where housing, industry, offices and shops should go
  • Which services and amenities such as parks, schools, roads, trails and transit are needed
  • How we protect the city’s culture, heritage and environment
  • How the city should grow and what growth will look like

The draft new Official Plan will be available on the City’s website for review the week of February 12, 2024.

Please use the registration links below to join us online or in-person to learn more and ask questions:

  1. Virtual Engagement
    Date: Tuesday, February 27
    Time: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
    Location: Online – Webex Events
    Register Here
  2. In-Person Engagement – Statutory Open House Meeting
    Date: Thursday, February 29
    Time: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. (drop in any time)
    Location: Mississauga Civic Centre – The Great Hall
    Register Here

We look forward to seeing you at either session! Please note that the content shared during the meetings will be the same, however, it will vary in format as appropriate for the setting.

Thank you,

Official Plan Team

Notification: Closure of NSR at Westfield and Insley Closure for Sanitary MH Construction

By Resources, Ward 1

Project Managers for the Ministry of Transportation QEW Dixie Interchange Project have advised:

Please be informed that North Service Road at Westfield Drive will be closed due to the construction of a sanitary manhole. Similarly, Insley Road will be closed for sanitary manhole construction. As these manholes are located in the middle of the road, closures are necessary to ensure the safety of construction workers and the public. A detour will be implemented to assist traffic during the closure. The dates are noted below:

  • Insley Rd. Closure at NSR – Starting on Tuesday, Feb. 27th for approx. 2 weeks
  • NSR Closure from Westfield Rd. to Insley Rd. – Starting on Tuesday, Mar. 12th for approx. 2 weeks

We’ll ensure everyone stays updated in case there are any changes.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Please contact us, should you have any questions regarding the closure of North Service Road at 905-247-8730, by e-mail at, or by visiting the website at


Fire & Ice Official Opening of the Port Credit Outdoor Skate Trail Celebration

By Events

The Fire & Ice celebration begins on February 17, 2024 at 4:30 p.m. at the official launch of the NEW Outdoor Skate Trail in Port Credit Memorial Park.

PCBIA is excited to partner with our community groups to bring this incredible celebration and tourism to the Port.

This FREE event offers a unique experience that incorporates Fire & Ice #INThePort!

“FIRE” features live fire performances in the Park and along Lakeshore. “ICE” features interactive ice displays, a live ice carving, games, and stunning ice sculptures.

Join us for winter treats, vendors, a photo booth, games, a live DJ, specialty food trucks, face painting, and much more!

Experience the stunning new lights animating Port Credit Memorial Park.

Stroll the Port for Sweet Stops, festive animations, roaming characters, and more!

Join us this weekend in Port Credit and experience the incredible vibe, businesses, boutique stores, restaurants, and more that the Port has to offer!

Made possible by the support of Visit Mississauga!

Cram the Ram Food Drive

PCBIA invites you to support The Compass Food Bank and Outreach Centre.

Help the Port Credit community Cram the Ram with non-perishable items at the Fire & Ice celebration on February 17, 2024 from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Thank you to our partners at Peel Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat Port Credit!

Port Credit – Canada Day Parade Road Closures

By Events, Ward 1

The Paint the Town Red Committee has requested the following road closures for their Canada Day Parade in Port Credit.

Monday, July 1, 2024

Lakeshore Road – Front St to Shaw Drive – 10:00am to 2:00pm

Port Street – St.Lawrence Ave to Stavebank Road – 8:00am to 1:00pm (for parade staging)

Seneca Avenue – Lakeshore Road to Forest Avenue – 10:00am to 2:00pm

Applications are now OPEN for the Lakeview Artisan Market!

By Announcement, Events, Ward 1

CreativeHub 1352 is now accepting applications for vendors for the third season of Lakeview Artisan Market, running indoors at the historic Small Arms Inspection Building.

The Market runs bi-weekly on Sundays beginning May 26, complimenting the weekly indoors and outdoors Lakeview Farmers’ Market. With weekly buskers, art programs, and more, we are dedicated to creating a unique experience for visitors and vendors alike.

In 2023, the Lakeview Artisan and Farmers’ Markets saw over 30,000 visitors!

Apply before February 22 for a special offer

ACER Seniors Measure UP Webinar Series

By Events

Get Tech Savvy – February 25, 2024 @1:30 – 2:30 pm

Sign up to learn how to use your technology efficiently. An expert will focus on how to use iPad and tablets like a pro.

Hot Topics for Seniors March 31, 2024 @1:30 – 2:30 pm

Elder safety is critical for enjoying the Golden Years. It is essential that we learn to address elder abuse so that you can detect when you need to access help.

Contact or call 905-601-7685.