Community Meeting – Lakeshore Road Water Mains – Thursday March 21st 6:30 p.m.

By Events, Resources, Ward 1


Front Street Wastewater Pumping Station and Wastewater Diversion

The Region of Peel has retained Stantec Consulting Ltd. (Stantec) to undertake the Detailed Design for the extension of the Lakeshore Road sanitary trunk sewer and Zone 1 watermain from Jack Darling Memorial Park to Elmwood Avenue (see map).

A key component of the Detailed Design is consultation with interested stakeholders through a Public Information Centre (PIC). The PIC will present the design of the project, construction timeline, construction staging and detours, potential impacts, and potential mitigation measures. You are invited to an in-person PIC to learn more about the project.

Thursday, March 21, 2024 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Clarke Memorial Hall – Main Hall

161 Lakeshore Rd. W., Mississauga, ON, L5H 1G3

All presentation materials will be posted on the Region of Peel’s website.

Projects – construction – Region of Peel (peelregion.ca)

If you have any questions or would like to be added to the project mailing list, please contact the Region of Peel:

Wastewater Collection and Conveyance

Engineering Services Division

Public Works, Region of Peel

905-791-7800, ext. 4409


The Region of Peel is committed to ensure that all Regional services, programs, and facilities are inclusive and accessible for persons with disabilities. Please contact a Project Manager if you need any disability accommodations to provide comments or feedback for this study.

This notice was first issued on March 6, 2024.

Notification: Closure of NSR at Westfield and Insley Closure for Sanitary MH Construction

By Resources, Ward 1

Project Managers for the Ministry of Transportation QEW Dixie Interchange Project have advised:

Please be informed that North Service Road at Westfield Drive will be closed due to the construction of a sanitary manhole. Similarly, Insley Road will be closed for sanitary manhole construction. As these manholes are located in the middle of the road, closures are necessary to ensure the safety of construction workers and the public. A detour will be implemented to assist traffic during the closure. The dates are noted below:

  • Insley Rd. Closure at NSR – Starting on Wednesday, Feb. 21st for approx. 2 weeks
  • NSR Closure from Westfield Rd. to Insley Rd. – Starting on Wednesday, Mar. 6th for approx. 2 weeks

We’ll ensure everyone stays updated in case there are any changes.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Please contact us, should you have any questions regarding the closure of North Service Road at 905-247-8730, by e-mail at qewdixie@ghd.com, or by visiting the website at https://www.qewdixie.com



By Resources, Ward 1

UPDATE from contractor GHD for the Ministry of Transportation Project:

We are writing to provide a quick update on the ongoing sanitary and storm work at Ogden Ave and South Service Road intersection.

Unfortunately, the contractor was not able to complete the work as planned and faced unexpected challenges related to complex underground utility conflicts while working on the sanitary infrastructure. Due to these unforeseen issues and with the fast-approaching Christmas break, the decision has been made to open the intersection temporarily on Dec 20, 2023, and remove the detour, and close the intersection again after the holidays to efficiently complete the remaining sanitary & storm work. The details of the closures are:

Closed from Jan. 8th to Jan. 26th , 2024 – SSR/Ogden MH1252 Storm Installation

Re-opened as of January 24th, 2024 at noon.

-SSR closure at Ogden on Jan. 8th, 2024, including detour installation

-realign water main to accommodate proposed storm MH1252 (as per response to IR#401)

-complete storm MH1252 and adjacent pipe runs

Just a heads up, the contractor has also provided closure dates for the completion of work on NSR/Westfield & Insley Road; however, this work will commence after the completion of the Ogden & SSR intersection work.

Closed from Jan. 29th to Mar. 1st, 2024 – Westfield/Insley at NSR Sanitary Installation

-mobilize to Westfield/NSR on Jan. 29th and commence Sanitary work

-Feb. 5th to Feb. 16th – Westfield Rd. closure at NSR

-Feb. 19th to Mar. 1st – NSR closure at Insley Rd.

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact:

You may visit the QEW-Dixie website for regular updates on the status of the construction project.

Click here for the QEW Dixie Project Contact Page. 

Our Community

By Ward 1

In hearing your passion, hope, and ideas for the future of Ward 1, I know more than ever, we must be united to ensure this great community is always our place to call home.

Free confidential paper shredding returns this spring

By Announcement, Resources

Free confidential paper shredding returns this spring

Peel is offering residents free confidential paper shredding at three Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) on the following dates:

  • May 4: Fewster CRC
  • May 11: Heart Lake CRC
  • May 25: Bolton CRC

Paper shredding on these dates will be available during regular business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Residents can bring unbound paper documents such as taxes, bills, income statements and personal information.

To keep traffic flow moving quickly and efficiently, visitors will not be able to stay and watch their documents be shredded.

Along with your papers, we encourage residents to bring non-perishable food items to donate to a local food bank.

Regular fees apply to all other items brought to the CRC for disposal.

National Work Zone Awareness Week

By Announcement

National Work Zone Awareness Week is April 15 to 19, 2024

Slow down to help keep everyone safe in work zones

Today marks the start of National Work Zone Awareness week, a campaign highlighting the importance of slowing down when driving through work zones.

As road maintenance and construction season starts across Peel, all road users are asked to slow down and exercise extra caution when travelling through work zones to protect on-site workers and keep everyone safe.  National Work Zone Awareness Week aims to help drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians understand that work zone safety is a shared responsibility.

Reducing vehicle speed can help avoid collisions and can reduce the impact by giving people more time to react and stop.

What is a work zone? 

Work zones are any areas where construction is taking place on the road.  It includes both stationary and moving work zones such as line painting vehicles. This work can impact speed limits, number of lanes, sidewalks, bike lanes, turning ability and visibility within the zone.

When navigating through work zones, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be aware. Pay attention to signage posted throughout work zones. These signs warn drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists that they’re approaching construction and will direct everyone safely through the work zone.
  • Stay focused. Keep your eyes on the road and avoid all distractions such as cellphones and eating while driving.
  • Keep your distance. Lane closures, reduced speeds, and traffic pattern shifts are common in work zones. Be alert and expect the unexpected.
  • Slow down as you approach workers. Give them room to work and be prepared to stop.
  • Plan ahead. Use our new construction map to see where current and upcoming construction is happening on Peel routes.

Peel Region is committed to Vision Zero and is working to prevent injuries and fatalities due to collisions on our roadways. The Vision Zero approach focuses on everyone’s responsibility to be aware of their surroundings and follow the rules of the road.

For more information on work zone safety in Peel, visit peelregion.ca/construction/work-zone-safety

Temporary Road Closure: Hyacinthe Boulevard from Cawthra Road and Breckenridge Road

By Announcement, Planning & Development, Ward 1

Road Closure: Hyacinthe Boulevard from Cawthra Road and Breckenridge Road


The Region of Peel is completing a temporary rolling closure of Hyacinthe Boulevard from Cawthra Road to Breckenridge Road. During the working hours the road will be closed but will maintain access to residents residing within the work zone as well as emergency services. Outside of working hours the use of steel plates will be utilized or temporary asphalt will be repaved to allow motorists to travel. The scope of the work is to complete sanitary main installation and the road closure is required due to the depth of the trench and location of the trench within the roadway.

When:   April 29, 2024 –  May 3, 2024

Where:  Hyacinthe Boulevard from Cawthra Road to Breckenridge Road

Advance warning signs and detour signs are in place.

Did you know…

By Resources

Mississauga has a Tree Mapping Tool that shows the location and details of City-owned trees on streets and in manicured park areas?

You can view the status of open service requests or work orders by searching for your address and selecting the property or tree on the map, respectively.

To submit a new service request, please call 311 or use the available online forms.  You can use the Service Request Lookup to check an existing request.

Check it out by clicking here!

Environmental Assessment Study NOTICE OF COMPLETION Beach Street Sewage Pumping Station Diversion

By Resources, Ward 1

The Region of Peel has completed a Schedule B Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) study to review existing sanitary sewer infrastructure and evaluate options to divert flow
from the Beach Street Sewage Pumping Station (SPS) to the new Beechwood SPS. A Project File Report documenting the MCEA process and results has been filed and is available on the project
website for review.

The Notice of Completion, is included below.

The Study is being planned under Schedule B of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment. Subject to comments received as a result of this Notice, and the receipt of necessary approvals, the
Region of Peel intends to proceed with the design and construction of this project. Project materials including the Project File Report and other project information are available at

Please submit any comments or concerns by Thursday, May 9, 2024. To provide comments or request additional information about this project, please contact:
Troy Leyburne, BSc. (Env.)
Project Manager, Wastewater
Engineering Services, Public Works
905-791-7800 ext. 7919

Jason Ahlberg, P.Eng., PMP
Consultant Project Manager
WSP Canada Inc.

For concerns that involve the prevention, mitigation or remediation of adverse impacts on constitutionally protected Aboriginal and treaty rights, a Section 16 Order request may be made to
the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. Section 16 Order requests on other grounds will not be considered.
Requests should specify what kind of order is being requested (request for additional conditions or a
request for an individual environmental assessment), how an order may prevent, mitigate or remedy
those potential adverse impacts, and any information in support of the statements in the request.

Requests should also include the requester contact information, the project name and the proponent’s name. This will ensure that the Ministry is able to efficiently begin reviewing the request.
Requests must be sent by Thursday, May 9, 2024. Requests should be sent in writing or by email to both:

Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks
777 Bay Street, 5th Floor
Toronto ON M7A 2J3

Director, Environmental Assessment Branch
Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks
135 St. Clair Ave. W, 1st Floor
Toronto ON, M4V 1P5

With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record of the study. The study is being conducted according to the requirements of the MCEA which is a
planning process under Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act.


Public Meeting – Planning and Development Committee – To amend the City’s Zoning By-law to introduce a new Apartment Zone category – Monday April 29, 2024

By Planning & Development

City Wide
City of Mississauga
City’s Proposal: To amend the City’s Zoning By-law to introduce a new Apartment Zone category, the Urban Apartment Zone, for apartment buildings located in an urban context.
Two new Urban Apartment Zones will be introduced, tailored to apartment buildings either in mixed-use developments or residential developments. No existing properties will be rezoned
or pre-zoned.
File: CD.06-APT (All Wards)

In Person and Virtual Public Meeting
Meeting Date and Time:
Monday, April 29, 2024 at 6:00 p.m.
Meeting Place:
Mississauga Civic Centre, Council Chamber, 300 City Centre Drive
City’s Proposal:
City of Mississauga (Wards 1 to 11)
File: CD.06-APT (All Wards)

Amendments to the City’s Zoning By-law are being made to introduce a new Apartment Zone category targeted for apartment buildings located in an urban context. The ‘Urban Apartment Zone’ will be made available for use by staff and applicants during the rezoning application review process, where deemed appropriate.

Meeting Details:
This meeting will be held in person and online. Advance registration is required to make a verbal submission at the meeting virtually. Advance registration is preferred to make a verbal submission at the meeting in person. The proceedings will be streamed live online for the public to view at the following link: http://www.mississauga.ca/portal/cityhall/council-and-committee-videos. If you wish to phone in to listen to the meeting only, please call 905-615-3200, ext. 5423 for instructions.

Options for participating in the meeting are outlined below.

Purpose of Meeting:
 For Planning and Development Committee to receive a report that provides information on the project, addresses issues raised and provide a recommendation on the proposal
 For people to ask questions and share their views about the proposal
 For Planning and Development Committee to make a decision about this project

The report will be available on-line one week prior to the meeting at: http://www.mississauga.ca/portal/cityhall/planninganddevelopment
For detailed information contact:
City Planner Ameena Khan at 905-615-3200 ext. 4473 or

If you would like to share your views and/or be added to the official record, please contact the Planning and Building Department by Friday at 4:00 p.m. prior to the meeting date:
 by mail to 300 City Centre Drive, City Planning Strategies, Mississauga ON L5B 3C1
 by email to application.info@mississauga.ca

Please include your name, your address, and file number you are providing comments on.

Written Comments:
In order to be received by Committee at the public meeting, written comments must be received no later than Friday at 4:00 p.m. prior to the meeting date. Submissions are accepted by email at
deputations.presentations@mississauga.ca or by mailing the Planning and Development Committee, 300 City Centre Drive, 2nd Floor, Mississauga, ON L5B 3C1. Please include your name, your address, and file number you are providing comments on. Written comments received before, during or after a public meeting but before a by-law is passed receive the same consideration as verbal comments made during a public meeting.

If you wish to be notified of the decision on the proposed zoning by-law amendment, you must make a written request.

How to participate in a public meeting if you wish to make verbal submissions:

Participate Virtually
Advance registration is required to participate and/or make comment virtually at the public meeting. Please email deputations.presentations@mississauga.ca no later than Friday at 4:00 p.m. prior to the meeting date. Any materials you wish to show the Committee during your presentation must be provided as an attachment to the email. Links to cloud services will not be accepted. You will be provided with directions on how to participate from Clerks’ staff.

Residents without access to the internet can participate and/or make comment in the meeting via telephone. To register, please call Angie Melo at 905-615-3200 ext. 5423 no later than Friday at
4:00 p.m. prior to the meeting date. You must provide your name, phone number, and file number if you wish to speak to the Committee. You will be provided with directions on how to participate from Clerks’ staff.

Participate In Person
To make a verbal submission in person, advance registration is preferred. Please email deputations.presentations@mississauga.ca no later than Friday at 4:00 p.m. prior to the meeting date.

If you are a landlord, please post a copy of this notice where your tenants can see it. We want to make sure they have a chance to take part.

Background Studies:
Planning documents and background material submitted in support this amendment can be obtained by contacting the city planner noted above for more information.

Personal Information:
Individuals should be aware that any personal information in their verbal or written communication will become part of the public record, unless the individual expressly requests the City to remove the personal information. Questions about the collection of this information may be directed to application.info@mississauga.ca or in writing to the Planning and Building Department at 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga ON L5B 3C1.

Information about Appeals:
If a person or public body does not make oral submissions at a public meeting or make written submissions to the City before the proposed zoning by-law amendment is adopted, the person or public body may not be added as a party to the hearing of an appeal before the Ontario Land Tribunal unless, in the opinion of the Tribunal, there are reasonable grounds to add the person or public body as a part.

If a person or public body would otherwise have an ability to appeal the decision of City of Mississauga Council to the Ontario Land Tribunal but the person or public body does not make
oral submissions at a public meeting or make written submissions to the City before the proposed zoning by-law (or zoning by-law amendment) is adopted, the person or public body is not entitled to appeal the decision.

Date of Notice: April 4, 2024

Bus Stop Impact – Dundas Street East (Stop #1191)

By Resources, Ward 1

Please be advised that stop #1191 on EB Dundas Street East at Jarrow Avenue will be out of service effective 8:00am Monday April 15 until further notice for construction tunnelling works.

Patrons will be directed to the previous stop #0863 at Neilco Court which is approximately 177 metres west.

Stop #1191 is serviced by Route 1/1C East with continued accessible bus service at Stop #0863.

City of Mississauga welcomes its fifth Poet Laureate

By Announcement, Food for thought

Andrea Josic has been selected to serve as a literary ambassador for the city to help elevate the status of poetry, literary arts and writers.

In celebration of the City of Mississauga’s 50th anniversary, the City is pleased to announce that Andrea Josic will be its fifth Poet Laureate. Andrea will hold this position from 2024 to 2026. She will serve as a literary ambassador for the city, as well as help elevate the status of poetry, literary arts and writers through community poetry events and projects.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Andrea Josic as our new Poet Laureate,” said Kristina Zietsma, Director, Culture and Recreation. “Chosen from an exceptional pool of candidates, Andrea is a talented writer and poet who will inspire aspiring artists and elevate literary arts in Mississauga.”

Andrea Josic is a second-generation Bosnian-Canadian poet, performer and arts educator from Mississauga. She has been competing in international poetry slams for nearly a decade and is a national award-winning poet and journalist with publications at Whippersnapper Gallery, Meridian Arts Centre, Toronto Transit Commission x Poems in Passage, This Magazine and more. She was the champion of the 2020 Toronto Poetry Slam, 2019 Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam and the runner-up in the 2021 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam. Andrea has supported her hometown Mississauga in profound ways, including facilitating a writing exhibit with The Woodlands School at the Small Arms Inspection Building and attending the first Sauga Poetry event as the inaugural feature poet. She hopes to cultivate healing, belonging and joy through her work.

Every two years, the City embarks on a search for its new Poet Laureate. This honourary position recognizes a poet who writes excellent poetry or spoken word and has written on themes that are relevant to the residents of Mississauga.

Andrea will take over the role starting on April 10th from the City’s fourth Poet Laureate, Ayomide Bayowa.

The public can expect to see the new Poet Laureate at the City’s fifth annual Poetry Slam on April 24. She will also make an appearance as part of the Canada Day celebrations at Celebration Square on July 1.

As a way to kick off her new role and celebrate National Poetry Month, Andrea read from one of her poems titled, (Almost) Daughter Inherits the Matriarch at today’s General Committee meeting. See verse below.

(Almost) Daughter Inherits the Matriarch

I will always be my mother’s swelling
she says my shell is recipe booking
knees that knock
wrinkle in left cheek
lower back carves
but I am not the “her” she expects me to be
I am but the swallow of a woman
my given name is tongued sandpaper
that undresses the rind out of a drying throat
and rots the girlhood I denounced at 18

when my mother and I run along the grass
our limbs are harmonious applause, she says
“can you see us in grandmother?
her kiln breaded me and
sunned your yeast for 34 years”
grandma remembers me at 13
a beanstalk child, stretching just like her
old photographs could prove time travel
but I hush regret this inherited matriarch
a lineage that ends, ungendered
away from the bellies that have homed me

afternoons are the furthest I am from my femme
sun lending my shadow to the pavement
a passing silhouette reflects my boyish frame
not quite of a woman
not much in-between
apologetic that bloodline changes with my other
and on the hottest day
when mist rises to even the slate
my mother’s shadow asks
can I even call you mine?

Andrea Josic, Mississauga’s fifth Poet Laureate: 2024 to 2026

Members of Council stand with fifth Poet Laureate (Andrea Josic), fourth and outgoing Poet Laureate (Ayomide Bayowa) and current Youth Poet (Lisa Shen).

From left to right: Lisa Shen (Mississauga’s current Youth Poet), Andrea Josic (Mississauga’s fifth Poet Laureate) and Ayomide Bayowa (Mississauga’s fourth and outgoing Poet Laureate).

April 8 to 12 is 9-1-1 Awareness Week in Peel

By Announcement, Events, Resources

43 per cent of 9-1-1 calls are not emergencies

During 9-1-1 Awareness Week, we recognize our first responders — emergency communicators, Fire, Police and Paramedics — for saving lives and helping residents in immediate need. We are also reminding Peel residents to call 9-1-1 only for emergencies.

In 2023, just over 900,000 calls or nearly half of all calls to 9-1-1 were for non-emergencies. They were misuse, hang-ups, short duration (accidents) or test calls to the 9-1-1 system. These calls take up valuable time and resources and can potentially prevent first responders from attending to real emergencies.

Call 9-1-1 only when someone needs immediate help from Paramedics, Police and Fire. To prevent accidental calls, lock your cell phones and do not program 9-1-1 into your phones. In addition, teach children how to use 9-1-1 correctly and how to recognize an emergency.

Call these numbers for non-emergencies

  • Call 311  for local municipal government (city or town) concerns, or to get information on municipal programs and services.
  • Call 811 to get answers to general health questions and concerns.
  • Call 211  for community-based health, social, and government services.
  • Call Police non-emergency telephone numbers:
    • Peel region – 905-453-3311
    • Town of Caledon – 905-584-2241
    • Caledon Village – 519-927-3041
  • Call Peel Regional Paramedic Services non-emergency number:
  • Call Fire non-emergency numbers:
  • Mississauga – 905-456-5700
  • Brampton – 905-456-5788
  • Caledon – 905-584-2272

Go here to learn more about 9-1-1.

SCHEDULED WATER INTERRUPTION NOTICE – Tuesday, April 9th, from approximately 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. – 1263 Woodland Ave   

By Resources, Ward 1


Date and Time: Tuesday, April 9th, from approximately 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Location: 1263 Woodland Ave                       

Addresses Affected: 1234-1276 Woodland Ave; 147 Inglewood Dr                     

Project #:  C-603577

Regional InspectorPhemelo Mpoloka

Telephone #   437-220-8917

                        905-791-7800 ext. 3246/3247

The Region of Peel Public Works department regularly maintains and repairs the water system to make sure you have a consistent supply of quality drinking water. Sometimes we must turn off your water supply while we do this work.

Your water will be turned off on Tuesday, April 9th, from approximately 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. If we need to reschedule this work due to weather or other circumstances, we will let you know the new date and time.

If this interruption may affect an alarm or maintenance company, it is your responsibility to notify them.  During the time that the water supply is interrupted, the building’s sprinkler protection system will not function.  A fire watch should be performed as necessary during time period.

After the water interruption:

When we turn the water back on, air in the pipes may make the water cloudy and your plumbing may vibrate or make noise.  We recommend removing the air by slowly turning on your taps from the lowest to the highest faucet in the building (that is, starting in the basement/first floor and finishing on the top floor). Flush the toilets as well. You will likely need to run the water for 10 to 30 seconds.  Run the water until it is clear, and any vibration or noise has stopped.

Important note:  After the water is turned back on, we recommend checking your water meter (usually located in the basement).  If it is leaking, call Water Meter Installations Dispatch at:

  • (905) 791 – 7800 Ext. 3226 (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. – Monday to Friday)
  • (905) 791 – 7800 Ext. 4409 (After hours or Statutory Holidays)

Feedback from Mississauga residents is helping shape the City’s future

By Announcement, Parks, Resources

New Future Directions plans for Culture, Recreation, Parks, Forestry & Environment, Library and Fire & Emergency Services were approved by Council.

Today at Council(April 3, 2024), the new Future Directions plans for CultureRecreationParks, Forestry & EnvironmentLibrary, and Fire & Emergency Services were approved.

Mississauga’s Future Directions plans help guide decision-making for various community services.  Using valuable feedback, demographic information and user data, the City develops plans that address infrastructure and service delivery needs.  These long-range plans align with Council priorities and investigate innovative and unique opportunities to enhance existing facilities, as well as programs and services.

“In its 50th year, Mississauga has grown into a vibrant city with a reputation for delivering high quality programs and services to residents,” said Jodi Robillos, Commissioner, Community Services. “We’ve received valuable feedback from residents, and we’re committed to making improvements to our many programs and services to ensure we continue to deliver them at the level residents expect, while at the same time adapting our offerings to meet the needs of a growing and changing community. We’ve listened to residents and customers and we’re making changes.”

Public engagement is an important part of the City’s work on our Future Directions plans. More than 7,000 survey responses helped to inform the draft plans; and a second survey issued after the draft plans were released garnered another 10,900 responses. This level of input from residents, community groups, user groups and other interested parties, combined with other relevant data, and research plays a role in guiding City actions and priorities for the next five to 10 years.

With strategic priorities in mind, there are some notable recommendations mentioned in the Future Directions plans, such as:

  • Adding new amenities across Mississauga, including but not limited to cricket facilities, spray pads, pickleball courts, and leash-free zones.
  • Exploring fee subsidies for attending and hosting cultural programming to increase access to Recreation and Culture venues, programs and events.
  • Redeveloping or expanding Lakeview Library to service anticipated population growth, and to redevelop or expand Mississauga Valley Library as part of a broader renovation of the community centre.
  • Constructing a new community centre in Service Area E (Cooksville) to include an indoor aquatics centre, library, double gymnasium, fitness studio, and multi-purpose program space.
  • Developing and implementing fire safety public education programming that targets residents ages 65 and above, school aged children ages 6-14 and unregistered daycare and community group homes.

Robillos added, “A lot has changed since our last cycle of Future Directions, making these plans more reflective of current life and the demographic in Mississauga. It was essential to get detailed feedback, opinions, and questions from local community members to help shape our future operations. It’s important that residents have access to programs and services in their community that allow them to thrive, in a healthy and sustainable environment.”

The 2024 Future Directions plans build on the work completed since 2019 and identify new recommendations for how the City can advance its strategic priorities for supporting growth and sustainability, while maintaining its strong commitment to Reconciliation, equity, diversity and inclusion.

About Future Directions:

Future Directions is a planning process undertaken every five years to guide Library, Parks, Forestry & Environment, Recreation, Culture and Fire & Emergency Services. These plans focus on concrete actions that the City will undertake to maintain Mississauga residents’ high quality of life.

CITY OF MISSISSAUGA – NOTICE OF COMPLETION – Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study Dixie

By Announcement, Planning & Development

Dundas Flood Mitigation Project


  • The lands south of Little Etobicoke Creek
    surrounding Dixie Road, referred to as “Dixie-
    Dundas” for this project, are subject to flooding as
    a result of spilling from the creek during high flow
    conditions. This urban area consists of a variety of
    commercial, industrial, residential, and park land
  • The study area of this Schedule ‘C’ Municipal Class
    Environmental Assessment (EA) has been broken up
    into the “Dixie Area” and the “Dundas Area” for
    identifying flood mitigation solutions.



  • The City of Mississauga has an interest to protect
    flood-vulnerable residences and businesses as well as
    to intensify Dixie-Dundas area to fulfill the vision of
    growth expressed in the Dundas Connects Master Plan.


In consultation with the public and agencies, the alternative solutions for both the “Dixie Area” and the “Dundas Area” have been evaluated to iden􀆟fy preferred design concepts for each.

“Dundas Area” preferred design:

  • Floodplain widening
  • 25 m – channel crossing bridge at Dundas Street
  • Sanitary sewer relocation
  • Floodproofing earthen berm at 1607 Dundas Street

“Dixie Area” preferred design:

  • Floodplain widening with lowered creek invert
  • 50 m – channel crossing bridge at Dixie Road
  • Sanitary sewer relocations


An Environmental Study Report is now available for public review and comment for 30 days on the City’s website:

Interested persons may provide written comments to our project team by April 30, 2024. All comments are requested to be sent directly to the Project Managers listed below. Previous study informa􀆟on, including the Public Information Centres and the study area expansion bulletin, is available on the above webpage.

Anthony Di Giandomenico, P.Eng.
Project Manager
City of Mississauga
300 City Centre Drive
Mississauga, ON L5B 3C9
(905) 615-3200, ext. 3491

Amanda McKay, P.Eng., PMP
Consultant Project Manager
Matrix Solutions Inc.
3001-6865 Century Avenue
Mississauga, ON L5N 7K2
(289) 323-3780

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